We need a bold plan for rural internet.


We need to increase rural access to the internet to help foster growth in our rural areas. It is necessary to develop rural internet service that matches what is available in large cities to bridge this division. Rural areas need reliable high-speed broadband internet at a an affordable price. This infrastructure should be treated as a basic utility and government subsidized similar to how electricity and phone service was delivered to rural areas.

Business requires reliable high-speed internet service and without it we cannot foster the growth needed in our rural areas. Jobs have been leaving rural areas and we need to be aggressive in making these areas attractive for business development. Rural growth and good jobs depend on access to reliable internet service. Our rural residents should have the same access to information and online learning as their peers in big cities.

Not only business, but modern health care relies on high-speed reliable internet. Imaging and monitoring and sharing information between providers means better health care for patients.

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