Michelle’s vision for a world-class public education.


Our kids need a world-class education to prepare them to compete in a global workforce. Our graduates aren’t simply competing with their peers in their community for jobs, but with people across the globe. Additionally, reports anticipate 38% of US jobs lost to automation in the next 15 years and we must prepare our students for that reality.

A good education begins with being fed. No hungry child can learn. Texas should provide free breakfasts and lunches across all of our public schools for every student. Nearly 62% of students are being fed through these programs and I believe breakfasts and lunches should be available for 100% of our Texas students.

Texas teachers are the foundation of our schools. We should be strengthening pay and benefits for our public school teachers. A pension is a promise and we cannot take that away or reduce the guarantee though privatization which is nothing more than a handout to big financial and investment firms.

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