Common Sense Gun Reform

Another gun tragedy. I’m sick and heartbroken for the kids and parents and friends and families and neighbors and community of Parkland. How have we allowed this to become normal? We cannot allow gun violence to continue. We must end this.

We’ll hear a lot of discussion about mental illness over the next few days. And, yes, mental health care should be better in this country – more accessible and affordable, and less stigmatized. But the problems are our easy access to guns, our reluctance to stand up to the NRA and gun lobby, our willingness to avoid the topic, and our collective shrug as more innocent lives are lost.

Enough! We need common sense gun regulations.

— Require all gun purchasers to have a thorough background check that takes longer than a couple of minutes – it should take days or weeks.
— Require all gun sales to go through a licensed dealer.
— Ban assault-style rifles and have a buyback program.
— Hold gun owners responsible when their weapons are used to injure, kill, or commit crime.
— Allow the CDC to study gun violence.

If you don’t like those ideas, then please tell me what you want to do. Offer solutions. But doing nothing is not an option.

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