HB 214 Day at the Capitol

I was at the Capitol today listening to HB 214 debate on the house floor. This is a bill banning private insurers from covering abortion unless women purchase separate and specific coverage. This is an awful, cruel bill.
Women don’t plan on pregnancy complications. Families don’t plan on non viable pregnancies. No one plans on a pregnancy going terribly wrong. Similarly, no one plans to get cancer or diabetes, or to break their arm, or any other health issue. But we do buy insurance that will cover our medical care when we need it.

The author of the bill, Rep. Smithee (R, Dist. 86), continued to question why he should have to pay for abortion. Why should he have to purchase insurance coverage for medical issues he will never have? Rep. Wu (D, Dist. 137) countered that argument by asking Rep. Smithee if he had ever needed a hysterectomy or breast exam.

Medical insurance is full of coverages that we may never need, but others will – that’s how insurance works. We all pool together and the insurance company, trying to make a profit (which is a topic for another time), shoulders the risk that some folks will continue to be healthy and need minimal medical care while others will require far more.

HB 214 passed the House. One more attack on women and their health care is in the books.

I certainly appreciate the Democrats and in particular the Democratic Women in the House for their passion, their anger, their disappointment, and their hard-fought efforts to amend this bill. You are our champions and our voices and I hope to be joining your chorus in the 2019 session.

Passionate speeches from our Democratic women on the House floor.

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